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Wholesale Window Treatments – Low Cost Factory Direct Window Shades

NATURAL ROLLER SHADES – A natural look enhances the window and filters the view.

SOLAR SCREEN SHADES – Solar Screen filters UV Rays while leaving the view intact.

BLACKOUT ROLLER SHADES – Blackout fabrics are completely opaque and provide total blockage and privacy.

MOTORIZED SHADES –An innovative solution for controlling natural light with touch of a button.

CUSTOM PRINTED SHADES –Digital printing on Solar Screen and Blackout fabric shades.

Window treatment at OC Window Shades will provide you with high quality products that are manufactured here in Orange County at affordable factory prices. Once we understand your window treatment requirements; we provide the right options for you to consider.  We do everything we can to ensure value, service, and high quality. OC Window Shades can quickly provide you with samples and have your window treatment/roller shades made. You can work with us face to face… there is more listening and understanding of what you need for your home and/or office window treatment. OC Window Shades uses only the best quality parts and materials to design and manufacture our Window Treatments. We have been upgrading window treatment systems for many residents and businesses. OC Window Shades provides motorization on roller shades, solar shades, and blackout shades. All treatments are equipped with Somfy brand motors, a prominent motor manufacturer company.

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