Child Safe Window Shades

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At OC Window Shades we offer Child Safe Window Shades and Blinds.  These window treatment products are also safe for pets.  Our cordless manual and motorized window roller shades are ideal for families that want to protect their children from the hazards of corded window blinds.  With motorized and cordless window treatment operating systems you can be at ease when it comes to the safety of your child.

Child Safe Window Shades Blinds

At OC Window Shades, we too are parents and understand the importance of a safe environment.  We know that within a few minutes children can quickly get into trouble and the last thing you want is your window shade being a serious hazard to your children and family pet.

Our cordless and motorized window roller shades and blinds are constructed with no cords to eliminate potential hazards associated with window cords.

Child safety Window Shades Blinds is serious business.

The window coverings industry knows that cords can be of serious hazard to children, that is why they have warning tags, warning labels to communicate the potential hazards of corded window coverings.   The left image is a good example of the potential strangulation hazard.  This truly shows why we as parents should consider motorized or cordless window treatments.