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Whether you purchased your window treatment from us or someone else, we offer expert window shade repair services that will leave you happy.   OC Window Shades has been a reliable and trusted resource in the window shade repair market.  With our technician’s 30 years of professional experience in the installation and maintenance of window shades…we know you will be happy  with our work and customer  service.

Repair Window Shades Cost Effectively

In many cases, we end up saving our customers a lot more money than they would have if they went with another company.  We have access to the best components to get your window shades repaired and working like new.  OC Window Shades is here to help you make better, cost-effective decisions when it come to your window treatments.

Window Shades Repair Process

OC Window Shades team specializes in repairing window shades motors and components.  We perform a meticulous evaluation on every window shade/ window treatment unit.  We carefully disassemble, clean, and thoroughly inspect both the complete assembly and the specific part in need of repair.  When repairing a window shade, we consider both electrical and mechanical aspects of the unit that addresses the long-term performance and reliability of your equipment.

Call us with your window shade repair questions—we’ve got answers. Contact us now for a quote at 949 922 8040.

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