Solar Screen Shades provide outdoor visibility while protecting interiors from harmful Ultra Violet Rays. OC Window Shades’s collection of solar screen fabrics enhances any decor while allowing enjoyment of the surroundings with a multitude of options and opacities.

Product Description

Solar Screen Shades

Factory Direct Solar Screen Shades – Wholesale Solar Screen Shades

OC Window Shades offers Phifer and Mermet solar screen fabrics which are made from high quality coated fiberglass yarn and are used primarily for internal and external solar screen shades. These functional fabrics are designed for solar protection, energy saving, and pleasing visual comfort with a multitude of options as well as opacity range from very-sheer to semi sheer.

Benefits of Solar Screen Shades

Solar screen shades provide control of lighting for residential or business environment. Solar screen shades are available in a wide selection of colors and textures as well as with opacity ranging from 1 to 15% openness. OC Window Shades provides customers with easy to use solar screen shades that help eliminate the potential dangers of UV rays. Such sun protection allows you to save energy. Also, with the addition of these high quality products to your home or office, valuable carpets and furniture can be prevented from fading in the sun.

Ease of access to Solar Screen Shades

Solar screen window shades are available as part of OC Window Shades window treatment services and excel in durability and quality. With the opportunity to reduce the glare in your home or office while benefitting from UV protection, solar screen shades offer you a simple way to save energy while obtaining sun protection in the process.  


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Quality vendors such as Phifer and 3G Mermet USA allow us to offer unique and beautiful window treatment roller shades to our customers. Roller shades can be utilized in any room, offering you control over your lighting. Our roller shades can be manufactured with sheer, screen and blackout fabrics to meet your lighting requirements of every living space in the home or work environment. Screen roller shades are available in an extensive range of fabrics from 1 to 5% opacity with standard or motorized operation. Designer screen shades are clean and functional for ease of use and look that enhances any room in your home. Designer screen shades are one of the most durable easy-care window fabric available. Highly dust and dirt resistant, they are easy to clean so they can be used in any high traffic area.
At OC Window Shades, we only use the best components. No cheaply made products are used in our window treatment roller shades. Never. We use the Rollease skyline system as it offers many features and benefits that no other system can compare to. Click here to read the details of our operating system.

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As experts in window treatment installations, we suggest that you take the following steps. Measure in several places to allow for any window irregularities and use the smallest of those measurements. Additionally, consider window handles and wall tiles that may obstruct the raising and lowering of the Roller Screen Shade. You will want to use a metal tape measure for better accuracy. Have someone else help you by holding one end of the tape measure. And always use something safe to stand on rather than stretch.

Click "How to Measure your Windows" for more detail.