Measure for your window shades

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How to measure your window

We get this question all the time. We’ve put this diagram for your convenience on learning how to measure your window. However, if you have a specific question… don’t hesitate, give us a call.

Measure in several places to allow for any window irregularities and use the smallest of those measurements.
Consider window handles and wall tiles that may obstruct the raising and lowering of the Roller Screen Shade.
Use a metal tape measure for better accuracy.
Have someone else help you by holding one end of the tape measure.
Always use something safe to stand on rather than stretch.


how to measure window shade

Measure the width (A to B) and the drop (C to D) of the window recess in at least three different places and enter the smallest of those measurements as your required roller blind width and drop measurements.
Do not make any adjustments as we will deduct a small amount to ensure that your Roller Screen Shade fits perfectly into the window recess. The deduction we apply creates a gap so that the shade will raise and lower within the recess.




First you should decide how much you would like the Roller Screen Shade to overlap the window recess opening. We recommend a minimum of 2 inches for each side top and bottom.
Enter your required width (A to B) and drop (C to D) measurements.
Please note that the actual fabric width will be made approximately 1 3/8 inches smaller than the finished Roller Screen Shade width. If you require a specific finished width of the fabric then state the words for the width dimension: “actual fabric width”.

How to order Roller Screen Shades
Write or type your order in list format as example shown here below:

Room: name here
Item# Width Drop Inside/Outside mount Control L/R Fabric# Standard/Cassette/Facia Color
1. 36 1/2″ 60″ inside (I.B.) R Zute1009 Cream 3″ Fascia Vanilla
2. 46 1/4″ 60″ inside (I.B) L ” ” ”

Please note we will contact you when the order is received to discuss production time, shipping options, and deposit amount to confirm the order.