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Cheap Window Roller Shades in Orange County

roller window shades in orange countyOC Window Shades has been in the business of custom roller shades for 30 years and are family owned and operated. We have great experience creating a variety of different shades to create the look you desire. We offer a few different products to choose from. Natural roller shades enhance your window and filter the view. Solar screen shades actually filter out harmful UV rays while leaving your view intact. Blackout shades are just that, they block out everything giving you complete privacy. Motorized roller shades give you control of the shade with the press of a button. Finally, we also provide custom printing on solar and blackout shades for your business windows. We will listen as you explain what you are seeking and offer up a variety of choices and samples.

High Quality and Affordable Window Roller Shades

Here at OC Window Shades, we bring you affordable custom window roller shades for your home or business. While affordable, our roller shades are made of the highest quality, style, and value using only the best components to give you the best possible product for your dollar. We’ve seen our competitors try to pull it off using cardboard or cheaper materials instead of the high grade metals that we do, but we refuse to skimp on the quality of the product. Our window shades are created to endure. Our product will outlast and out beautify those less desirable products by using the best multi-colored fabrics and gears. Our shades are carefully crafted right here in the USA. (San Clemente, CA) Another commitment of ours is to the environment as our extraordinary products are eco friendly. Not only do we offer the quality, you can choose from a wide variety of style options. Don’t settle for an inferior product that will leave you unsatisfied.

Once you discover the high quality standards of OC Window Shades, next be impressed by our professional installation team that is well known throughout Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Diego County, and the Inland Empire. Our professional service does not end once you make your purchase. Once our team is sent out, we will be sure to install your shades just the way that you want them and provide you with exceptional customer service.

Feel free to contact us at anytime with any type of question or to see how we couple create window roller shades for your application. (949) 922-8040