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Black Out Window Shades – for when you want to turn off the sun!

black out window shades

There’s never been a look that has endured as beautifully in both modern and traditional designs as the roller shade. But it has come a long way in what it can offer.

The Black-Out window shade is one of our hottest selling items. And it’s no wonder. With its ease of use, adaptability to countless design styles, its affordability, and the need to block out the often harsh sunlight here in Southern California, it’s hard to overlook the versatility it offers.

With numerous color options to choose from to keep the bright light and UV rays from disturbing your morning slumber or your block buster home movie theater, the black-out roller shade is so much more than just black. Each room can be uniquely enhanced with a shade that blends away or boldly contrasts the design and style of the room.

Benefits of Black Out Window Shades

These shades can be mounted inside the window frame or outside. An outside mount will offer the best blockage of the sun.

And Black-Out shades are HOA friendly. The color showing to the exterior is offered in both white or off white. This also unifies the look of your home if used in multiple windows.

If windows are high on the wall or difficult to reach, these shades can be motorized! With the touch of a button you can remotely operate the shade. Closing it when the sunlight is too intense and opening it when ambient light is welcomed. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without this handy little feature.

We all know the sun and its damaging rays can fade carpet, rugs, furniture, drapery, and anything else in its path. These shades allow you to extend the life and use of your belongings.

And blocking out the sun means blocking out a lot of the heat it brings too! A much appreciated bonus! You’ll be able to cool the rooms that typically receive direct sunlight. Your enjoyment of the space will increase while your use of your air conditioning decreases. A win win!

Black Out roller shades are the best of everything a window covering has to offer:

A style that has never gone out of date and in fact looks better today that it ever has.

Color options that fit every décor – modern, traditional or transitional

Easy to operate

Disappear when not in use so you can take full advantage of your view


Call us today to receive a free quote and view samples of how amazing these Black Out Shades will look in your home or business!